Reclaimed wood from Purmerend
I try to build my guitars as much from reclaimed woods. Which means wood that has been used for something else; a table, door etc and also offcuts.

My latest find was one of the best ever. I got a call from a friend: He, Mr.Drubbel, you can use some old wood right? Always! was my reply. Although it of course depends on what it is. His next sentence was: great, cause i’ve got old beams of mahogany lying around. It took me 1 minute to get into the Drubbel mobiel and drive over there. I expected that he had two or three pieces of mahogany. I was a little bit more, 15 pieces of 50 cm to over 1 meter. Al of these came from a carpenter factory that was closed 25+ years ago. These pieces where offcuts of window and door frames that where build there in the 1970’s and 80’s. Not long enough for a new frame but trowing them away wasn’t an option back then either. Wood is like gold!

There where also a couple pieces of teak. Not sure if these can be used as tone wood. But i will give it a try.
Last but not least he also had thin pieces (1 cm/1.5) of pine. Perfect for guitar tops.

Expect some cool builds coming soon!